Watch Repair Specialists

We are proud to offer the best available Luxury watch repair services for the world’s most exclusive brands. We provide expert care and maintenance for your watch


Elite the watch specialist offer premium repair and servicing packages

Our services cover all maintenance requirements including:

    • Watch repairs
    • Watch servicing
    • Battery replacements
    • Watch refurbishment
    • Watch dial restoration
    • Electronic time adjustment
    • Water test / re-seal
    • Sapphire or Mineral glasses
    • Dials and hands
    • Watch glass cut to fit
    • Sand blasting
    • Links
    • Crown
    • Engraving
    • DLC & PVD

You can keep your watch running with optimal precision, and simultaneously preserve its resale value, by allowing us to conduct maintenance at regular intervals. Mechanical watches should be taken into skilled hands every three to five years. Wristwatches that are subjected to more severe demands i.e sport / chronometer watches should be serviced more frequently.

All our work for you is protected by a 12 months warranty against any faults developing in our workmanship.

We hold a very large stock of watch parts allowing us to repair both modern and vintage watches without having to wait for the part to be ordered and delivered, in most cases. Parts can even be made for some obsolete models enabling us to repair most watches even when the manufacturers can not.

For any information regarding our services, price list and Limited Edition DLC or bespoke dial/watches please contact us on or alternatively call us on 020 7831 4555

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