Repairs & Servicing


A watch can have hundreds of parts, some are tiny with friction between them. Like any machine a watch requires regular servicing and maintenance, on average it is recommended that watches are serviced at 3-5 year intervals. Watch parts sometimes wear down or break, which can be the result of lubricants drying up, causing the watch to function less accurately or to stop all together. When you service your watch at Elite Workshop Ltd, you can be confident that your watch will be serviced to the highest possible standard.

Your watch will be machine tested for time keeping and assessed thoroughly for any faults.

It will be stripped down and the parts will be deep cleaned from any dirt and old lubricants, using the finest Swiss made machines.

Any faulty parts will be replaced or repaired and the watch will be re-assembled and re-lubricated.

Quartz watches including solar powered watches will have their batteries replaced, and circuits replaced if necessary. It is important to change your watch battery regularly to avoid battery leaks on to the watch circuit.

Finally watches will be re-sealed and water tested.

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